Awesome Concerts

So, I’ve been away lately. Amongst other things, I’ve attended a couple awesome concerts.

First, I went to see Wilco at Coney Island. Awesome show. Most expected (and possibly enjoyed) songs were I’m the man who loves you (sans Total Pros *sniff*) and Hate it Here (70s funky version). I should probably publicly apologize to the poor people near me who were subject to my shout-singing, I can’t control myself. But one song I was unfamiliar with (due to continuing procrastinating in ordering Mermaid Avenue) was the awesome Hoodoo Voodoo, the song they played to close the show. I checked a preview on the iTunes store and it sounds great, but live… well it’s a whole ‘nother thing altogether. Check it out (I think it missed the first minute or so):

I really wasn’t expecting a G3esque guitar gods battle, but it was awesome. Goddamn Nels Cline, and mothertruckin’ Pat Sansone being all look at me, I not only kick ass at keyboards but rock the guitar better than you ever will! Emmer effer.

In short, the concert rocked very hardly and muchly.

The other concert I went to was Live in Westbury which turns out, will be their last concert in the near future. It was a small theater with a rotating stage. Pretty cool, as everybody got to see the band from every angle. I think my favorite song from the concert was Lightning Crashes, which coincidentally is also my favorite Live song.

They’re both up there in the short list of concerts I’ve enjoyed the most.