Fair and Balanced

Because the recent politician personal scandals were not bipartisan enough, Fox News stepped in to save America. (Fox News puts the “partisan” in “bi-partisan”?)

Thank you, wise and respectful media. What would we ever do if we were left with nothing but DFH bloggers?

Now; can we please focus on the relevant stuff (a State had effectively no head of the Executive Power and a confused administration) and leave the irrelevant alone (ZOMGS! AFFAIR! HE SAID ‘FRIEND’! I BET THAT’S HOMO CODE FOR DUDE!). Pretty please? For fuck’s sake, it’s not like there’s real issues going on!

I feel cheated

Probably the story is not still straightened out yet, but my schadenfreude faded away when I read this post from Politico. Of course, still too early to know, yadda yadda yadda.

Political insiders in Nevada and in the Senate said that Ensign decided to acknowledge the affair publicly after the husband of the woman he had been seeing asked him for a substantial sum of money.

Sources said Ensign strayed while he was separated from his wife. The two have since reconciled.

I mean, sure, for extremist born-again nuts, any and all contact with females not belonging-by-marriage to you are a one way ticket to hell and fire and demons and fiery homos. But come on, it’s not nearly as juicy. Sure, the lady involved in the affair seems like she was not separated from her husband at the time or anything, so he was still making baby Jesus cry for making a married woman be unfaithful to her faithful husband. And it doesn’t negate the hypocrisy with the GOP’s non-procreational-sexy-times-is-grounds-for-impeachment shit either.

Still, I feel cheated. Dude trying to blackmail him is all class, though. I’ll take it as a “sorry to let you down” present.


suse_vs_ubuntuI’ve long had both feet firmly planted on the openSuSE camp when it comes to the distro wars. Same for KDE in the KDE Vs Gnome (and now xfce and others) one. Gnome feels way to limited as far as configuration. Also, I’m more used to the KDE GUI, not to mention that I consistently prefer its apps over Gnome’s: Amarok over Rythmbox/Banshee, Kaffeine over Totem, Kopete over Pidgin, K3B over Brasero, the list goes on and on.

I also like Ubuntu. I have used Ubuntu. I know there is Kubuntu, too. I love synaptics/apt-get, I really do. Though I gotta say openSuSE’s zypper is really great as well, ridiculously better than the old  YUM crap that everybody hated. I don’t have anything against Ubuntu or its many users, and I think it’s a pretty solid Gnome distro (I haven’t used Kubuntu much, I get the impression it’s far less polished than vanilla Ubuntu).

But I’m still an openSuSE+KDE kinda guy. I have warmed up to KDE 4.x. Yes, it was utter shit when it came out, but it’s come a long way, and it is very usable, if still annoying. Even when there’s still lots of 3.x stuff in it (don’t you dare mention the tragedy that is the complete unusability of the 3.x performance monitor and the lack of a 4.x version, wtf KDE?) and other compatibility and/or 4.x app issues (amarok 2, a KDE4 app, is pretty awful, if you ask me, I’m still using 1.4 -a KDE 3.5 app-). I have grown to like my openSuSE 11.1 KDE 4.2 desktop.

But lately the system feels slow. Flash on web browsers (definitely Firefox, not as bad but still a problem in Opera) has way too many hiccups on embedded media players. I prefer watching videos over slideshows. I don’t know, my computer feels much lighter and quick on WinXP. And that just ain’t right.

So I’m thinking of ditching my openSuSE KDE install. Maybe I’ll try openSuSE with Gnome, but I have a feeling it won’t be much different. Also, I’d rather stick with KDE. So I’m thinking Kubuntu. But I can’t shake the notion that Kubuntu is noticeably rougher around the edges (compared to the very polished openSuSE and Ubuntu-Gnome). So I’m thinking going plain Ubuntu. But goddamn, I really don’t wanna use Ryhtmox. Or Pidgin. Or Godawful Totem. I know I can install KDE apps, but I like the idea of a self contained Desktop Environment (Gnome/KDE). I’m also not crazy about the system configuration apps in Ubuntu. But I just hate having my Linux partition run this noticeably slow, compared to my XP install.

I’ve tried Ubuntu before, but I came back to openSuSE (well, technically I had them both on separate partitions, but still). Maybe this slowness is what I needed to give Ubuntu a real shot.

But I really can’t stand Totem and Pidgin. And don’t you dare suggest aMSN. That looks like VisualBasic Freeware shit from Tucows circa 1995.

Damnit. I suppose I’ll start backing up files in my SuSE partition soon.


Dick “worthless piece of bloodlusty, neanderthal shit” Cheney makes a statement that is more strongly for the right of every adult to marry whichever adult they wish, than anything President Obama has said, to my recollection.

Yeah, only because he has a lesbian daughter, yadda yadda yadda, don’t care. It’s fuckin’ embarrassing, and definitely not an excuse for Obama.

Now, the hard right’s reaction might just be priceless. When are all the yahoos coming out to denounce him as an Obamabot Liberal DemocRAT communist? Oh, sweet FSM, please let them go apeshit as only they can.

Monday Morning Help 2: The Morninging.

Goddamn Mondays. Today is going to be real long, real slow. It’s all cloudy and rainy. I need to get some serious work done. I don’t feel like working. There’s a half dozen (or so) things I’d rather be doing. I haven’t had coffee yet.

Luckily, I have “I’m a Cuckoo” (by Belle & Sebastian) stuck in my head, and it’s keeping me going so far. So now I share it with you, in case you are finding yourself in the same predicament I am.

Happy craptastic Monday!

Edit- PS. Is it just me or does the song’s beat (and even parts of the melody) remind you of Thin Lizzie’s The Boys are Back in Town?

Confession time

I cannot stand the acronym/buzzword/stupid-ass pseudoword “EVOO.”

There, I said it.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

The only chef worth rooting for. Suck it.

The only chef worth rooting for. Suck it.

What the hell is up with all the pro-Carla people lately? Seriously? I mean, seriously? I get it, she’s cooky and probably entertaining to some (I have to keep reminding myself that hurling a book at my LCD TV would make me want to hang myself every time she goes on about how she “puts love” in her food, or her “spirit” talk shit). But really? Have you been watching the same show I have?

You know, the one where Stefan has killed the competition repeatedly? I can’t remember a more dominant chef in Top Chef. Yeah, I thought last season was in Blaise’s pocket (I was happy with Stephanie winning, she also kicked ass), but he choked. Tough. Still, Stefan keeps proving he’s miles ahead of the rest. And before you start telling me how he’s an ass, allow me to pretort (preemptively retort, bitches!): So fucking what? Bastard can cook like a mofo.

This is not to mention how Carla, until the last what? Three episodes was always fucking up terribly and would somehow manage to avoid elimination. How many times was she on the bottom three because of some terribly, truly baffling mistake? And yes, my impression of her culinary abilities has greatly increased given the past few episodes, but still. I am thankful, though, that she’s at least not a douchebag like Lisa from S4. Sweet Jesus, she was not only unimaginative and miraculously avoiding elimination, but a total pain to watch. I know I might be threading close to a contradiction. Why am I cool with Stefan being an ass and Lisa not? Well, first of, I am willing to cut a lot of asshole-slack when said jerk is talented. But annoying hacks? Fuck that shit. Secondly, “being nice” only counts as extra-credit. You only consider it if somebody needs a hand. Basic sympathy. But if somebody is kicking ass, what the hell does it matter if he (rather intelligently) gets on competitor’s heads or if he’s (rightfully) cocky? He doesn’t need your sympathy, his cooking does all the talking needed. Carla needs her puzzling, odd, insane and apparently endearing to some behavior do part of the talking, is all I’m saying.

To sum it up: What the fuck, internets? Are you seriously rooting for some complete nutjob? LOVE IS A FEELING NOT A FLAVOR, GODSDAMNIT! DO I PAIR IT WITH TOFU IN AN ANTICIPATION-REDUCTION?

P.S. I have deliberately discussed Hosea at the length that his chances of winning deserve.