It’s that time of the decade again!

So, it’s been ages since I’ve been around which means this is probably a glorified internal monologue, but whatevers.

I’ve decided to stop being annoying on the Facetwit tubes and post every now and then here instead, so as to not make friends’ Facetwit experiences miserable.



Yeah. Let’s see how long I keep at it this time.

In the meantime, and keeping with the soccer theme, I hereby officially recommend everybody the excellent Argentinian movie ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’ (El Secreto de Sus Ojos). Which has a kickass chase scene taking place at a Soccer game (which is the only soccer scene, so fear not!). You may have heard of it when it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The trailer is kinda lame, the movie is a lot better. So yeah, go rent it and watch it

Deep Thought: Earnest Edition.

If there is one “quality” I admire and that I would very much like to haver or attain -or whatever you want to call it- above all others, that’d be wisdom. I’ve always wished I was wise.

Not saying I think I’m particularly unwise, or anything; I’d like to think my desire for wisdom is not entirely futile. I’m just saying I would like to be or become a person who is wise. That’s all.

Alright, now you can go ahead and make fun of me. You smartasses.

Rey Mysterio Announcement

It’s been at least 5 days in a row that people land on this here blog by searching wordpress for Rey Mysterio (no doubt because of this post). And being the man of the people that I am, I hereby make a blogpost for all your Rey Mysterio needs! I am nothing if not committed to the rights of the masses.

So here’s Rey Mysterio’s wiki page.
Here are some youtube videos of Rey Mysterio.
And his most famous move is the 619

Counting to ten

Fuming over goddamn idiots and animals everywhere is no way to start the weekend. Yeah, I’ll shoot myself before I submit to the no good goddamn new age hippie belief that thinking possitive will somehow fix stuff (tree hugging version of religious prayer, if you ask me). And not thinking about it doesn’t change anything. But goddamn, I know I can get pretty annoying when I’m doing nothing but shouting and bitching. So I’ll do everybody a favor and play some good music, go play Futbol and go back to my barely bearable self.

As a peace offering, I’ll link this (SURPRISE!) early-to-mid 90s song (all decent versions have disabled embedding, wtf!?): Jovanotti’s Penso Positivo (he is a no good hippie himself nowdays, the irony gods are cruel bitches, no doubt). Italian funky-rock-hiphop. It’s got a nice beat, it sounds cool and I love it. It also calms me.

The Moon, bitches!

The Moon, bitches.

The Moon, bitches.

The United States of SPACE!

Goddamn would I kill to watch him do Obama skits.

Deep Thought

Janis Joplin sang the first song for the spelling-challenged generation many decades ago: Kozmic Blues. And it kicks way too much ass.

Genetic Engineering has gone too far

I just noticed somebody found this here blog by searching “how to make torteya.”

Great, now I have to worry about having an evil doppelganger roaming free. Probably wanting to kill me and take over my life. Shit.