Happy 20th Birthday, Internets!

One more year and you can buy booze in the States! Though I suppose being European, you’ve been getting drunk legally for some time now over there.

Who said High-Energy Particle Physics is just an Ivory-Towerish money dump?

Now go back to showing me free porn, delivering urgent missives from Nigerian widows, and sending me uncountably many offers for cheap boner pills! Oh and PUTTING ALL OF HUMANITY’S KNOWLEDGE AT MY FINGERTIPS!



All Apologies

To M. Bâtard prétentieux for not posting my pictorical reply to his luchador challenge. I’ve been a bit busy, plus I have my mom visiting and I’d rather not have to explain to her what I am doing posing with a Luchador mask in front of the computer.

I hope this offering appeases you for the time being. It is scenes from “El Santo contra las Mujeres Vampiro” (The Saint versus the vampire women) a classic El Santo movie. Check how the vampire wiminz don’t sparkle. We don’t fuck around, yo.

Badass of the day

Not necessarily of today since I don’t know when the awesome people at google released this awesome nifty little googlemaps tool/applet/whatever.

Basically, you enter your address and it shows you where your voting place is*. How awesome is the google? Of course it would be awesome if people had their voter registration card in a place they can always find, nevertheless it’s pretty frakkin’ sweet.

*Via Swampland.