Counting to ten

Fuming over goddamn idiots and animals everywhere is no way to start the weekend. Yeah, I’ll shoot myself before I submit to the no good goddamn new age hippie belief that thinking possitive will somehow fix stuff (tree hugging version of religious prayer, if you ask me). And not thinking about it doesn’t change anything. But goddamn, I know I can get pretty annoying when I’m doing nothing but shouting and bitching. So I’ll do everybody a favor and play some good music, go play Futbol and go back to my barely bearable self.

As a peace offering, I’ll link this (SURPRISE!) early-to-mid 90s song (all decent versions have disabled embedding, wtf!?): Jovanotti’s Penso Positivo (he is a no good hippie himself nowdays, the irony gods are cruel bitches, no doubt). Italian funky-rock-hiphop. It’s got a nice beat, it sounds cool and I love it. It also calms me.

Firefox question

If I stare at a white wall, this is what I see.

If I stare at a white wall, this is what I see.

Is there an add-on that restricts access to FiveThirtyEight to a certain per-day quota?

Inquiring, anxious, irrational minds would like to know.

I need to stop looking at poll info. I do. Yes. Just once more and I’ll quit. I can stop whenever I want.

I suffer from acute Murphyslawism

Not two days after I registered this, I got invited by friends to join a group blog: The Finger
So I’m not very likely to be posting here much.

Woe is me.