A Fortuitous Accident


So I get home, and I have a huge espresso craving, right? I wash my awesome Moka Express and proceed to wash my cup as well, and when I put it under the running water, I saw what the picture above shows.

Really neat, huh? Not only is my little glass espresso cup cool looking, but it also makes for a nice sink fountain!

All in all, having coffee was a great idea.

Happy 20th Birthday, Internets!

One more year and you can buy booze in the States! Though I suppose being European, you’ve been getting drunk legally for some time now over there.

Who said High-Energy Particle Physics is just an Ivory-Towerish money dump?

Now go back to showing me free porn, delivering urgent missives from Nigerian widows, and sending me uncountably many offers for cheap boner pills! Oh and PUTTING ALL OF HUMANITY’S KNOWLEDGE AT MY FINGERTIPS!



Goddamn you, Wilco

I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago.

First I went to the Wilco website out of curiosity, just to see if there’s any news, and of course I find out they are out on tour and will be playing two nights at Madison Square Garden. A concert I am not likely to attend because tickets are way expensive ($60 plus stupid Ticketmaster charges for nosebleed?) and I can’t think of anybody here that may want to go besides me. Damn you, concert gods. On top of it, it’s really a Neal Young concert, for which WIlco and some other band are opening for, so I’d be paying that much money to see them for an hour. I know, I know, Neal Young is awesome. I’ve never got enough into his stuff to make me want to pay that much money, or sit through a 2 hour concert (and for that money, he better be playing two hours).

Disillusioned, but hardly surprised given my personal concert history, I keep looking around their website. Turns out they got some cool “green” (DFHs!) T-shirts, and I make mental notes to check them again when I wouldn’t feel bad to buy t-shirts I don’t quite need. Not bad.

Next, I check their “News” page and I immediately see two awesome items: 1)They are gonna be on the Colbert Report tomorrow (Thursday) night, and b)They are giving away a song for free in exchange for a pledge to vote in the coming presidential elections. Color me intrigued. I fill out my info, and pledge that I will vote, and seconds later I have it on my email inbox. The song is a live recording of Wilco with Fleet Foxes (hadn’t heard of them myself) of the Bob Dylan/The Band song “I shall be released.” I hadn’t heard this song in a while, and I gotta say their version kicks major ass. If you needed one last push to be certain you are voting in the coming elections (and you certainly should if you’re an elegible voter!), I can’t think of a better deal-sweetener.

In case you can’t wait, here’s a youtube of Wilco+Fleet Foxes singing that song live.

Over a half dozen listens later, I really think I should try going to bed. Curse you, you well-meaning bastards.

Okay, one last time. Then I go to bed.

Go below the fold for a youtube of The Band + Bob Dylan + Friends (including Ringo Starr and Ron Wood) playing the song. It is real good. Continue reading

Badass of the day

Not necessarily of today since I don’t know when the awesome people at google released this awesome nifty little googlemaps tool/applet/whatever.

Basically, you enter your address and it shows you where your voting place is*. How awesome is the google? Of course it would be awesome if people had their voter registration card in a place they can always find, nevertheless it’s pretty frakkin’ sweet.

*Via Swampland.

Credit where credit is due.

To Sen. John McCain for asking the more “out there” supporters at a Rally to not speak disrispectfully of Obama, nor to go into fetal position and/or ready to start a civil war were Obama elected. Kudos as well for stopping some lady calling Obama an Arab*.

Personally, I don’t care if he did it because he doesn’t like this behavior as a matter of principle, or if it’s because he realizes having this shit happen at his rallies is not a smart political move. What’s important is that the climate of bottled up misplaced anger is defused. Whatever the reasons, thank you Senator McCain for doing the right thing. Unequivocal tip o’ the hat to you today.

Ball’s in your court, Gov. Palin.

*While the Swampland “Transcript” quotes the woman as calling Obama an “Arab Terrorist,” the terrorist part seems to not be there according to the video’s audio, as various people point out.

I take it back.

Obama is clearly the Anti-Christ. Why the change of heart, you ask?

He is usurping the holy Jesusphone and hoping to turn it into an Obamaphone, that heathen. Kinda like a 21st century reverse Jesus banishing the Merchants from the Temple deal.

Believing in the very stupid notion that the Bible clearly states that the Antichrist will be a man from a religion that didn’t even exist at the time (which it most certainly doesn’t) was not something I could be persuaded by, but trying to become Jesus in the eyes of men by taking over his very own celphone, I mean, that three-devices-in-one holy relic, well that just crosses the line.

And to defile it to allow people to become more involved with the political process? Fucking sickening.


Via Ezra Klein’s earmarks post I came across this handy link to take a look at your local pork.

The 5 closest projects to me are:

  1. $100,00 To: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4927, in Centereach, New York ; For: building renovation and build out.
  2. $75,000 To: Selden/Centereach Youth Association for an after school program.
  3. $200,000 To: St. Catherine of Siena Hospital for facilities and equipment.
  4. $100,00 To: Sayville, New York American Legion Post; For: renovation and build out of a historic building.
  5. $200,00 To: Dowling College for development of curricula and a training program in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles

Now, I don’t mind arguing over whether or not these amounts could be looked at closely and see if the price tag is fair or not. One thing that I cannot say is that these are ridiculous projects like studies of bigfoot’s DNA or the Bridge to the Island from whence Russia can be seen. I can see most of these projects (number four being shaky since I have no clue what specifically it’s about) being a worthwhile thing to do by the government.

Again, I’m all for making sure we’re not inflating budgets, but I fail to see the merit in cutting earmarks as a virtue in itself.

What’s in your (local) pork?