Awesome Concerts

So, I’ve been away lately. Amongst other things, I’ve attended a couple awesome concerts.

First, I went to see Wilco at Coney Island. Awesome show. Most expected (and possibly enjoyed) songs were I’m the man who loves you (sans Total Pros *sniff*) and Hate it Here (70s funky version). I should probably publicly apologize to the poor people near me who were subject to my shout-singing, I can’t control myself. But one song I was unfamiliar with (due to continuing procrastinating in ordering Mermaid Avenue) was the awesome Hoodoo Voodoo, the song they played to close the show. I checked a preview on the iTunes store and it sounds great, but live… well it’s a whole ‘nother thing altogether. Check it out (I think it missed the first minute or so):

I really wasn’t expecting a G3esque guitar gods battle, but it was awesome. Goddamn Nels Cline, and mothertruckin’ Pat Sansone being all look at me, I not only kick ass at keyboards but rock the guitar better than you ever will! Emmer effer.

In short, the concert rocked very hardly and muchly.

The other concert I went to was Live in Westbury which turns out, will be their last concert in the near future. It was a small theater with a rotating stage. Pretty cool, as everybody got to see the band from every angle. I think my favorite song from the concert was Lightning Crashes, which coincidentally is also my favorite Live song.

They’re both up there in the short list of concerts I’ve enjoyed the most.

Counting to ten

Fuming over goddamn idiots and animals everywhere is no way to start the weekend. Yeah, I’ll shoot myself before I submit to the no good goddamn new age hippie belief that thinking possitive will somehow fix stuff (tree hugging version of religious prayer, if you ask me). And not thinking about it doesn’t change anything. But goddamn, I know I can get pretty annoying when I’m doing nothing but shouting and bitching. So I’ll do everybody a favor and play some good music, go play Futbol and go back to my barely bearable self.

As a peace offering, I’ll link this (SURPRISE!) early-to-mid 90s song (all decent versions have disabled embedding, wtf!?): Jovanotti’s Penso Positivo (he is a no good hippie himself nowdays, the irony gods are cruel bitches, no doubt). Italian funky-rock-hiphop. It’s got a nice beat, it sounds cool and I love it. It also calms me.

Fuck the RIAA

Fuck them right in their greedy bitch eyes.

A US jury on Thursday ordered a 32-year-old woman to pay 1.92 million dollars in damages for illegally downloading 24 songs in a high-profile digital piracy case.

And fuck everybody who helped make it so that a person was made to pay eighty thousand dollars per song to these bitches.

Oh and fuck you too, Lars Ulrich. Much as I enjoyed your latest album, which I gladly bought without need for coercing, kindly stick a drumstick up your ass whenever you get a chance to.

Song stuck in my head of the week

Aleks Syntek y la Gente Normal’s “El Camino.”

Still to this day my favorite song of his. I gotta say, I like a lot better his early stuff. This one must’ve come out between ’92 and ’94. I know it was just the musical style of the day, but I really like how pop was a lot more rocking in the early 90s (think of bands like The Cranberries). I’m sure the music he’s doing (and many other active pop artists) is likely about as good if not better, from  some kind of unbiased perspective,  than the flavor of pop that tended to come out in the early 90s; but this is stylistically much more appealing to me. Yeah, I know, you can take a man out of the nineties…

Also, every time I am in Mexico and I happen to listen to “new” pop stuff coming out, it just sounds like overproduced plastic shit to me. The anglo situation isn’t that much better as far as I’m concerned, either. Personal mostly subjective taste, again.

So yeah, can’t get it out of my head.

P.S. I don’t like using the word dated here, becuase it sounds to me like it implies it looks shitty nowdays. Still, I think the videos from that period of time have a very particular look and style. I’m sure my non-mexican friends would’ve been able to deduce that video was probably from somewhere between 1990 and 1995 even with the sound off. I also happen to dig early 90s videos. Yeah, I’m a goddamn walking aging cliche. I’m not particularly proud of this, no.

FSM bleibet meine Freude

The more historically accurate version:

The more typically heard version:

Kickass 70s version:

I love this piece so much. I want it to have my music babies.

Passe un bon week-end!

Why are people staring at me like that?

I often sing while driving, I don’t have a particularly good voice, but I still do it. Whatever. Now, when I’m driving alone I will often sing loud. What can I say, I love a good screaming song (hence my mancrush on sing-screaming god Chris Cornell).

Now, my all-time absolute mostest favoritest song to sing in the car is The Beatles’ Oh, Darlin’. Jesus T. Christ, do I wish I had Paul McCartney’s pipes. Not only does he have a great range, he has about three different voices, all of them kickass. And he can scream. Sweet baby Jesus, can he scream (Listen to Oh Darlin’, or their Long Tall Sally cover). There’s something utterly liberating about just belting it.

Years ago, I attended a Beatles Tribute Concert set up by the amazing Mike Portnoy in NYC. It is easily one of the concerts I’ve enjoyed the most (not to mention it’s how I found out about Beatallica, thanks Mike!). Seeing those guys whose music I love having just retarded amounts of fun playing Beatles’ s songs (and doing an amazing job) was cathartic. Of course I now own both the CDs and the DVDs of the concert.

Later, watching the DVD with commentary from Mike Portnoy and his dad (his gateway to all things Beatles, like for most people not born in the 50s I’d assume), I found out that they had left Oh Darlin’ as a tentative song, depending on how Neal Morse was feeling. See, it’s a tough one to sing. Damn Paul  McCartney. I don’t even know if he plays it live nowdays.

What I’m (painfully slowly) getting at, is that even pros (and you might say Neal Morse is mainly an instrumentalist, not a lead singer, and you might have a point there, but still) have trouble singing this awesome song, so I don’t feel bad when towards the last chorus my voice starts giving up. Because, I’m not gonna fucking half ass it and sing all gentle. You only sing Oh Darlin’ in your graspiest I-won’t-be-able-to-talk-for-the-rest-of-the-night voice. If you don’t, I’ll punch you in the balls/babymaker.

Without further ado, here’s Yellow Matter Custard performing Oh Darlin’, live at BB King’s sometime in 2003. You might want to make sure there’s no people sleeping or needing a quiet enviroment around, for you shall want to sing loud. Real loud. You’ve been warned!

What Jeff Tweedy said

And if I could you know I would just hold your hand and you’d understand. I’m the man who loves you.