Soy un hombre de principios

Y uno de ellos es que el Conejo es un pesimo portero que nomas pone en riesgo los juegos de la Seleccion. Para que vean que no es por estos ultimos juegos o esta ultima convocatoria y que soy viuda de Ochoa (Antes muerto que Americanista!) o no se que, aqui hay evidencia de las eliminatorias mundialistas, de hace aproximadamente un anho:

  1. Mexico – El Salvador
  2. Mexico – Trinidad y Tobago

Lo del Conejo no es nuevo. Tiene anhos de ser malisimo. Pinche Aguirre como es necio con no soltar a “sus” jugadores (Torrado, Osorio, Conejo, Bofo y aunque me duela, Guille). El otro dia viendo el Mexico – USA del 2002 vi (ya no recordaba) que metio a Sigifredo Mercado,  Garcia Aspe (que nomas entro a tirar patadas y echar madres) y Luis Hernandez, todos viejisimos y sin mucho que aportar. Sobretodo Sigifredo Mercado. Nomas de escribir su nombre me siento mal, neta. Y no parece que haya aprendido mucho desde entonces.

It’s that time of the decade again!

So, it’s been ages since I’ve been around which means this is probably a glorified internal monologue, but whatevers.

I’ve decided to stop being annoying on the Facetwit tubes and post every now and then here instead, so as to not make friends’ Facetwit experiences miserable.



Yeah. Let’s see how long I keep at it this time.

In the meantime, and keeping with the soccer theme, I hereby officially recommend everybody the excellent Argentinian movie ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’ (El Secreto de Sus Ojos). Which has a kickass chase scene taking place at a Soccer game (which is the only soccer scene, so fear not!). You may have heard of it when it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The trailer is kinda lame, the movie is a lot better. So yeah, go rent it and watch it

Financial advice of the day.

Given recent stimulus news, I think it’s evident that there is no better time than now to buy shares of Old Glory Insurance.

Easiest money in the history of financial markets.

Awesome Concerts

So, I’ve been away lately. Amongst other things, I’ve attended a couple awesome concerts.

First, I went to see Wilco at Coney Island. Awesome show. Most expected (and possibly enjoyed) songs were I’m the man who loves you (sans Total Pros *sniff*) and Hate it Here (70s funky version). I should probably publicly apologize to the poor people near me who were subject to my shout-singing, I can’t control myself. But one song I was unfamiliar with (due to continuing procrastinating in ordering Mermaid Avenue) was the awesome Hoodoo Voodoo, the song they played to close the show. I checked a preview on the iTunes store and it sounds great, but live… well it’s a whole ‘nother thing altogether. Check it out (I think it missed the first minute or so):

I really wasn’t expecting a G3esque guitar gods battle, but it was awesome. Goddamn Nels Cline, and mothertruckin’ Pat Sansone being all look at me, I not only kick ass at keyboards but rock the guitar better than you ever will! Emmer effer.

In short, the concert rocked very hardly and muchly.

The other concert I went to was Live in Westbury which turns out, will be their last concert in the near future. It was a small theater with a rotating stage. Pretty cool, as everybody got to see the band from every angle. I think my favorite song from the concert was Lightning Crashes, which coincidentally is also my favorite Live song.

They’re both up there in the short list of concerts I’ve enjoyed the most.

Deep Thought: Earnest Edition.

If there is one “quality” I admire and that I would very much like to haver or attain -or whatever you want to call it- above all others, that’d be wisdom. I’ve always wished I was wise.

Not saying I think I’m particularly unwise, or anything; I’d like to think my desire for wisdom is not entirely futile. I’m just saying I would like to be or become a person who is wise. That’s all.

Alright, now you can go ahead and make fun of me. You smartasses.

Counting to ten

Fuming over goddamn idiots and animals everywhere is no way to start the weekend. Yeah, I’ll shoot myself before I submit to the no good goddamn new age hippie belief that thinking possitive will somehow fix stuff (tree hugging version of religious prayer, if you ask me). And not thinking about it doesn’t change anything. But goddamn, I know I can get pretty annoying when I’m doing nothing but shouting and bitching. So I’ll do everybody a favor and play some good music, go play Futbol and go back to my barely bearable self.

As a peace offering, I’ll link this (SURPRISE!) early-to-mid 90s song (all decent versions have disabled embedding, wtf!?): Jovanotti’s Penso Positivo (he is a no good hippie himself nowdays, the irony gods are cruel bitches, no doubt). Italian funky-rock-hiphop. It’s got a nice beat, it sounds cool and I love it. It also calms me.

Song stuck in my head of the week

Aleks Syntek y la Gente Normal’s “El Camino.”

Still to this day my favorite song of his. I gotta say, I like a lot better his early stuff. This one must’ve come out between ’92 and ’94. I know it was just the musical style of the day, but I really like how pop was a lot more rocking in the early 90s (think of bands like The Cranberries). I’m sure the music he’s doing (and many other active pop artists) is likely about as good if not better, from  some kind of unbiased perspective,  than the flavor of pop that tended to come out in the early 90s; but this is stylistically much more appealing to me. Yeah, I know, you can take a man out of the nineties…

Also, every time I am in Mexico and I happen to listen to “new” pop stuff coming out, it just sounds like overproduced plastic shit to me. The anglo situation isn’t that much better as far as I’m concerned, either. Personal mostly subjective taste, again.

So yeah, can’t get it out of my head.

P.S. I don’t like using the word dated here, becuase it sounds to me like it implies it looks shitty nowdays. Still, I think the videos from that period of time have a very particular look and style. I’m sure my non-mexican friends would’ve been able to deduce that video was probably from somewhere between 1990 and 1995 even with the sound off. I also happen to dig early 90s videos. Yeah, I’m a goddamn walking aging cliche. I’m not particularly proud of this, no.