Hilarious Colbert Clip of the Day.

Prescott Oil Loves the Earth!

A lot of people talk about loving the earth, but how many of them actually penetrate it?

I gotta say I’m now convinced that trusting huge transnational energy companies to do the right thing on their own is the way to go. Forgive me, invisible hand of the Free Market.

(Tire) Gauge Theory*

The American Physical Society has released the results of a study on Energy Efficiency.

“The bottom line is that the quickest way to do something about America’s use of energy is through energy efficiency,” said Burton Richter, the chairman of the study panel and a 1976 Nobel Prize winner in physics. “Energy that you don’t use is free. It’s not imported and it doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases. Most of the things we recommend don’t cost anything to the economy. The economy will save money.”

I hope the GOP refrains from dismissing the effects that relatively minor changes that increase energy efficiency can have in our energy consumption; not to mention the effect it has on the environment.

The APS has a pretty nifty website for their Energy Efficiency Report.

One last thing, this is how big a controversy the whole “manmade effects on climate change” deal is within actual scientific circles (from the McClatchy article, the first link):

The 46,000-member American Physical Society argues the need for action is urgent because the energy crisis is the worst in U.S. history. It also says that the physics and chemistry behind the human causes of climate change — such as heat-trapping pollution from the burning of fossil fuels — is “well understood and beyond dispute.”

Next time you hear Bay Buchanan say that she knows “as many scientist who say there’s nothing conclusive as [she knows scientists] who oppose it,” (which I heard her say on some MSNBC show) you will know that she’s either full of shit, or she’s calling scientists people who don’t know shit about the field.

*Gauge Theory is basically the “language” that Physicists use to write the particle theories that describe nature (The “Standard Model”).

Damn you, Al Gore!

Why must you come up with nice, succinct phrases that never occurred to me until I read them? Today I refer you to (there’s some pretty hilarious comments):

Here’s the difference, when the demand for wind and solar goes up, costs go down. When demand for oil and gas goes up, prices go up.

Nice way to illustrate a pretty clear difference between renewable and nonrenewable goods. I guess it applies to the behavior of limited and unlimited goods, in general.