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The only Starbuck that matters

The only Starbuck that matters

It is known that I am a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica (“BSG,” henceforth). The new BSG, that is. I had never seen the old series, I didn’t even know about it until the new one came out and friends would tell me about this new version of some old cheesy Star Wars ripoff I’d never heard about. I guess it never aired in Mexico, who knows. Now, I’ve watched a few bits of the old show, can’t say I’ve seen a whole episode, though I kinda get a feel of the vibe and tone of the original series.

While I may be no expert on the original BSG, I feel I know enough of it to make the following judgment: The new BSG is not only a far better show, but comparing them directly is unfair to the original series. They serve two different purposes, targeted two different crowds, etc. In a way, it’s like comparing TV’s Batman (KAPOW!) with The Dark Knight (let me show you a magic trick).

Not being in the same category notwithstanding, this whiny baby diatribe from Dirk Bennedict (the original Starbuck) is laughable and sad. I am hoping he is simply pissed off because he perceived some kind of snub from the new BSG showrunners and all we’re reading is spite masked as complaints. Because otherwise, WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELLS ARE YOU TAKING ABOUT, YOU BRAINLESS APE?

Not only is it revealing of terrible, punishable by time in federal prison artistic sensibilities, but of some really messed up misoginy and not even closeted chauvinism. Or is he pulling a Sasha Baron Cohen and submitting that article in (original womanizing Starbuck) character?

I mean, sure, he’s likely just going for a publicity stunt. Most people remember that Richard Hatch also had some beef with the new BSG, and they ended up making nice and he’s become a really solid part of the extended cast, and everybody’s super happy. But shooting is over, there’s no way DB is going to be part in any way, shape, or form of the new BSG. So, what’s the point? Publicity for publicity’s sake? If so, wouldn’t it be a bit more prudent to limit yourself to critquing how they’re butchering the essence of BSG without getting into middle ages chest thumpin’ stupid-ass shit about how, and I quote: “Men hand out cigars. Women ‘hand out’ babies.” Seriously?

Fuck you, chauvinist-asshole-shitty-actor-with-terrible-sense-for-what-makes-good-TV-dickhead. Go play with that fucking robodog, or maybe go to a motherfucking casino not ten hours after your civilization has been nearly wiped out by evil fucking robots, that sure makes a shitload of sense, retard!

P.S. Do not read this post as a device to gain favor with the ever-lovely Katee Sackhoff, the first of many steps which will lead undoubtedly to her professing undying love for me. That’s what mixed tapes are for. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go dust off my cassette player.

P.P.S. Do not read this post either as a snub to the equally-ever-lovely Grace Park. I shall make you two mixed tapes, to make up for any potential misunderstanding and pain this post might have caused you. I’d call, but there’s a warrant.

UPDATE- I had totally missed the part in which he brags that once BSG got cancelled he basically took the same character he had “created” (I’m getting the feel that there might be more than tangential similarities between his “various” characters and his own real self) and gave him a new name for the A-Team. Hahahahahaha. What the fuck, man? You are bragging about having only one character in your thespian repertoire? Somebody tell me he went to the Peter Sellers Academy, I begs ya.

SON OF UPDATE: THE UPDATENING- Upon further rereaderings I have come to the conclusion that the dude is hopeless. Sadly, there’s no doubt left in my mind that he’s simply a bona fide utter chauvinist nutjob. Calling Ron Moore a technocrat is way hilarious though, props for that. It’s always awesome when people start flinging words like that.

Holy Frak!

Seriously, how cool are these propaganda posters? Not that the shows/films they belong to are in the same league by any stretch of the imagination, but this campy WWII propaganda vibe is the main reason I fell in love with Starship Troopers (Psychic Doogie Howser was a bonus).

Now that Battlestar Galactica’s Season 4 is, for all intents and purposes, over. As all signs point to SciFi going forward with the godsdamned stupid idea of “splitting” S4 into two parts separated by a comfortable one year intermission. At least they are having the common decency of adding a little bit of extra time to “season five”. Honestly, I don’t care. I’d rather not have to wait yet another fucking year to watch episodes that are already in postproduction (WARNING: Mild Spoilers within, I do not recommend clicking if you haven’t already seen the midseason finale).

The article above from has some info from a Q&A with Ron Moore, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer and has soom cool info on their own responses to the show. I will quote the following, which is really safe, nothing to do with the plot of the show. Check this out:

The script for the series finale made Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas cry, according to Helfer. Helfer describes her own reaction to the finale script: “Like somebody punched me in the stomach.” Helfer said the ending will compel fans to revisit the series’ beginning.

Oh, and in case you were not 356.92% certain that Mary McDonnell kicks major ass (from the same article):

Asked if she would consider a run for U.S. president, McDonnell replied, “Only if I can have Hillary as my V.P.”

If you enjoy BSG, I join Falconesse in recommending Jacob’s recaps at There is already a recaplet (mini recap) for the last episode, so be careful not to click on recaps of episodes you haven’t seen yet. But otherwise, I highly recommend you read them. Just be careful, they will often run a bit “long” (specially on later episodes), but they are a really nice read. SciFi should be shoving suitcases full of Benjamins down his throat to blog for them, if you ask me.

Needles to say, if you don’t regularly watch BSG, get thyself to the nearest DVD Rental place and rent season one (make sure you get the miniseries, which is the “first episode”), or buy them if you feel like it. And please start from the beginning. It is a beautiful story, but it may be frustrating (not to mention horribly anticlimatic when you go back) to start anywhere but at the beginning. Sadly SciFi only has the few latest episodes available in streaming (unlike ABC who kindly has all of Lost available online. Take note, NBC/Universal!). Of course, I would not mention how easy it is nowdays to get torrents of whatever show you want to watch. Because it is wrong and I would never dare suggest that you stick it to the man in such a way.

By the way, this is all I will say about the latest episode (for now): Frakin frakity frak-frak