I feel cheated

Probably the story is not still straightened out yet, but my schadenfreude faded away when I read this post from Politico. Of course, still too early to know, yadda yadda yadda.

Political insiders in Nevada and in the Senate said that Ensign decided to acknowledge the affair publicly after the husband of the woman he had been seeing asked him for a substantial sum of money.

Sources said Ensign strayed while he was separated from his wife. The two have since reconciled.

I mean, sure, for extremist born-again nuts, any and all contact with females not belonging-by-marriage to you are a one way ticket to hell and fire and demons and fiery homos. But come on, it’s not nearly as juicy. Sure, the lady involved in the affair seems like she was not separated from her husband at the time or anything, so he was still making baby Jesus cry for making a married woman be unfaithful to her faithful husband. And it doesn’t negate the hypocrisy with the GOP’s non-procreational-sexy-times-is-grounds-for-impeachment shit either.

Still, I feel cheated. Dude trying to blackmail him is all class, though. I’ll take it as a “sorry to let you down” present.


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