Today’s Lesson in Politics

Never trust brown people.

Until more details are known about just what on earth happened, one should not succumb to temptation and start baseless hypotheses about what the motives of the people involved are and the merits of their actions, or their worth as politicians.

Still one thing is beyond dispute: they are both Hispanic.


3 Responses

  1. If people want to move to the Republican side of things, go for it. I have no problem with then saying, “Now you get to lose your house, pay more for gas, and you will get no gov’t services. Those of us on the left paid are dues and voted smart, we are not subject to that.”

    No regard for color in my fuck you to them!

  2. If we’re not supposed to trust brown people, why should I, a white american ,read your blog sir?

  3. Touche.

    You bastard.

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