More on Christianist terrorism

The Rude Pundit thinks of a ticking bomb scenario, and what our recent course of action towards terrorists dictates is the natural reaction.

I bet all those bloodthirsty warmongering neanderthals will be drooling in excitement with the prospects of another electroshocked nutsack. They’ve been kinda sad with all the witholding of prisoner abuse picture porn by the Obama administration (Wheeeeeeeeee Change!)

I mean, if we do all that shit to people we’re fighting there (like taxi cab drivers who gave a nasty look to some afghan tribal leader) so we don’t have to fight them here, what shall we do with the crazy assholes killing christians in their own houses of worship in the motherfuckin heartland of the U.S. of A? These people complitely lose their minds over the hypothetical murdering of americans. How over the top will their reaction be to actual cold-blooded assassination? I mean, good-hearted american women just lost 1/3 of their freedoms, for which we are supposed to be loathed?



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