Terrorists are always brown or black or yellow or whatever

But never white christian conservatives.

Hopefully that bitch won’t commit suicide like the fucking pussy he is and will go on trial and get a just sentence for the brutal crime he committed.

And don’t let them say this is not terrorism. It is an action with absolutely zero intentions of dialogue in mind. They are performed by a person who feels unrepresented, abused and with no other recourse to make things right, or to get some vengeance on people he deems have been doing him wrong. You might sympathize with his position or beliefes or not, but this is as much terrorism as is an ETA political assasination. Its goal is to make other people afraid and to make them suffer once you see no other way to “win” than through brutality.

Fucking savages.

I’m waiting for the RedState post on why Jesus would be OK with shooting doctors who perform abortions. Nothing is more pro-life than killing, after all.

I wonder if O’Reilly woke up with a boner. Loofas everywhere tremble in terror.


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