Thou shalt pour water down thine neighbor’s covered mouth, and his words shall be true henceforth

Apparently, this moron has not either:
a) Read the Bible
b) Mastered the dark arts of reading above 1st level grade.

I would like to believe my sarcasm radar is busted, but it really doesn’t look so.

W. T. F.

The capability of people to delude themselves and rationalize the seemingly unrationalizable continues to amaze me.

Then again, maybe Jesus did sport a pair of Uzi’s, Chow Yun-Fat style;  drove a Hummer and hated (and feared to the point of pants-soiling) brown people. Maybe that’s how he spent the ‘lost years.’ Scared shitless in Mary’s basement.


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  1. […] waiting for the RedState post on why Jesus would be OK with shooting doctors who perform abortions. Nothing is more pro-life than killing, after […]

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