Goddamn Hipsters (Alternate title: Douchebag is the new black)

“Has the rohypnol kicked in yet?”

“Has the rohypnol kicked in yet?”

A friend just linked this on facebook.

I like to think of myself as serene, rational, level-headed person; but I just can’t help but feel a deep irrational loathing for fucking hipster scum. It’s beyond my control. What can I say? Contrary to popular belief, I’m not actually perfect.

But seriously, I just fuckin hate retarded, self-centered, idiotic, ruining-everything-that-is-good-in-this-world hipster scum. I think even more so than no good yuppie scum (and this says a lot). I am weak.

So in closing, fuck you hipster scumdom. I wish you all a quick and mildly painful (I’m still a no good liberal who hopes everybody could be spared from suffering whenever possible) death from overdose of whatever the fuck ironic shit you’re snorting or imbibing or smoking or injecting these days.

Great Moments in Twitter History

Mike Memoli:

A confused Queen Elizabeth II relented and has agreed to repeal the Stamp Act

Via Ana Marie Cox’s twitter feed.

Barack Adama

I always knew it.

So hilarious.

Jesus T Christ

Long Island is such a classy place.




I cannot comprehend how people this dumb make it more than 10 years without forgetting to breathe.