Seriously, Catholic Church


The regular treatment for Retrovirus is 10cc's of Moral Rectitude and Prayer.

Why must you insist on make me foam at the mouth (because clearly, all actions taken by people everywhere are done solely to gain a reaction from me) with indefensible shit your people spout? I mean, I don’t hate you. I know you do good things. I know lots of really incredible people belong and have belonged in your ranks, a large percentage of the people I love, included. I know one issue does not define you.

But come the fuck on. Condoms are part of the motherfuckin problem when it comes to combating AIDS in Africa? Really? Fuckin’ really?

I mean, if you think praying or whatever shit is a better way to fight AIDS, or whatever other earthly disease, go right the fuck ahead. Get the message out that this is your official view and prescription. Don’t massage it, don’t sugarcoat it. Own the message. Yours is always a righteous message. Never have you acted with nothing but God’s direct orders.

Because now I’m wondering as to what it is that you see as problematic about AIDS, given your prescription. See, for me? The problem is that people die. So, my main objective is to keep them from dying. Now to you, perhaps the real issue is not the AIDS-caused deaths, but the “moral decay” of which AIDS and AIDS-related deaths are but a symptom. Then, I can see how you’d think praying or telling people to be more moral and shit (because really, those kids born to HIV Positive moms who get HIV from birth really need to repent, not to mentioned raped people who get it, those sluts had it coming) deals with the heart of the issue, unlike a mere “here, use this which actually prevents AIDS.”

Following this train of thought, if one thinks of AIDS as a moral problem, then one is working under the assumption that only people with moral failings get AIDS. I cannot believe somebody who can read in more than one language can buy this crock of shit. Really? Is it still 1982?

The problem is not that lots of people are dying. The problem is that apparently their souls have been compromised or some such shit. Truly a group of people united in their charity.


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