I swear he hit my fist with his face!

Dean Grose, the Mayor of some town in California sent a hysterical email to his bestest buddies and/or coworkers (a black person included, cause you know he ain’t no racist!) depicting the White House Lawn turned into a watermelon patch, lamenting that this year it might be impossible to have an easter egg hunt, due to those delicious fruits being all over the place. Oh man, such a non-sequitor! I mean, why would one think about watermelons and the current White House!? It’s like something straight from a Ionesco play or a Monty Python skit! What a comedic genius!

Then of course, some PC, no-humor communist complained about some alleged stereotype linking blacks and watermelons. WTF!!!???!!

Understandably, (soon-to-be-ex) Mayor Grose explained that he, just as I’m sure every other red-blooded american, was absolutely unaware about blacks-and-watermelon jokes. He’s just a victim, can’t you see? And you know what, now that I think about it, blacks seem to love watermelons! Hilarious!

Oh man, you know what else is hilarious? Mexicans love to eat beans! I bet I can start a stand-up routine with a joke about that!

Tip o’ the hat to Sadly, No!


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