What the fuck kind of fraternity was Rush Limbaugh in?

Apparently cutting somebody’s scrotum with a scalpel was all the rage during all of the two semesters he attended Missouri State. Maybe he failed Ballroom Dancing due to hazing? Cut the man some slack, folks.

Seriously, how the fuck can one justify not looking into the many horrific abuses that have, and probably still continue to take place in the name of the “War on Terror?” This shit is absolutely inadmissible. How likely is it that this is not the product of systematic actions and decisions coming from pretty high up? Really.

A hearty fuck you to the Bush administration and the bunch of monsters who did all they could to make this possible. Disgusting. A double fuck you to that embarrassment to humankind, John Yoo (side fuck you to the geniuses at Berkeley who think it’s a great idea to have him teaching law).

But hey, some program on the TV makes it look like this is the only way to not all be killed by them terrists, so walk it off, you dirty fucking hippies!

Oh, and all terror charges against the guy whose scrotum was julienned were dropped a year ago. Yeah, he’s still in Gitmo. Let’s hope the Obama administration shows an inclination towards justice in this case.



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