In case I’m not the only one

…whose current mood is captured by this most awesome song.

Also, I love The Beatles. Had I mentioned that already?

I have a fantasy boner* right now

George R. R. Martin:

Now all I need to do is wrap up (…) and yes… A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, and maybe I’ll be able to take a week off. (The reason they call them deadlines is because they’re like to kill you).

He used wrap up and ADWD in the same sentence. Oh FSM, I can’t take it.

*I suspect this is a familiar phrase for my fellow Top Chef addicts. For those who aren’t: last season (Four) this kinda crazy guy, given to say borderline mental stuff uttered the infamous phrase I have a culinary boner, to try to convey to the public just how excited he was about said challenge. Yeah.


An Obamamiracle!


It finally looks like winter! Praise Comrade Obama!

I know it’s been snowing all over the country (my ingrate sister has been complaining about her awesome luck of having plenty of snow already) but it hadn’t snowed in Long Island yet.

It’s a pretty thin layer and it will most likely be gone tomorrow, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

The weather outside is delightful.


It’s been days.

I cannot stop listening to this:

Why did you have to combine my love for Radiohead and dirty funk, Mark Ronson? You son of a bitch.

The actual video (can’t embed it because the idiot who uploaded it disabled embedding) is pretty funny as well.

You do it to yourself, you do. And that’s what really hurts.