I had to wait behind two people to get into my perfectly functioning 1963-model voting booth (Now with lever action!) and cast my vote. It must have taken between seven and ten minutes from the instant I got out of my car, to when I pulled the lever. And half of it was spent walking.

Was it cuz I is black?

Then again, my votes don’t “matter” all that much, for the most part.

  • President: Obama is going to win NY in the general election. This has been a foregone conclusion since he graduated from Harvard Law School.
  • US Congress: Tim Bishop (NY-1) is going to easily win.
  • District Judges: There were four candidates. Running for four spots.
  • State Senate: Steven Englebright won’t have trouble winning.
  • State Assembly: John Flanagan will get at least 90% of the vote. He is a conservative, strongly anti-choice, competent Republican. I voted for him. Shut up. The Dems had a joke candidate who nobody knew was running, Dem party included. F that.
  • Town Council (?): This one I have no clue who’s going to win. I voted Working Families (I voted Working Families for every slot except State Assembly. Yay fusion voting!). There were about six candidates total, for I think three slots.
  • District Court Judge: No clue who’s going to win. I got a mailer from the Dem candidate, Stephen Ukeiley, he seemed alright.

The ratio of poll workers to people voting at Nassakeag Elementary School (my polling place) at around 9:00 AM must have been between around 2.5:1. I think the turnout is still going to be fairly significant in here (I hope), but a) Elections in NY are nowhere near as “hot” as in most states that have had early voting, b) I think the people per polling place ratio here in Long Island seems to be chosen this way. The voter lists didn’t seem too long.

I wish the rest of the nation had to go through the pain, suffering and humiliation I experienced (waiting all of two minutes in line, using a perfectly functioning voting machine, no “Good TV!” crazy lines) at the ballot.

Don’t forget to vote! Or your penis will fall off (amongst many more calamities).


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