In which I temporarily stop rolling my eyes at manga.

It appears something positive finally came out of it. It will be interesting to see our childrens turning into young proletarians*.

I, for one, welcome our new spiky-green-haired, ridiculously-huge-eyed, socialist overlords.

*Via Ezra Klein

Confession time

I cannot stand reading “could of” (you know, the bastardized poorly phonetic cousin of “could’ve”). I really can’t. I always wonder how it is that people can type it without realizing it makes absolutely no fucking sense. That there is no way that can possibly mean what you think it means (Hint: it has no meaning).

Really, what the hell, go all the way and just type “kudoff,” for frak’s sake.

There, I feel feel better now.


Oh, sweet FSM, please let it be so! I shall eat naught but delicious noodless for the rest of the week if you make this happen. I swear this upon a jolly roger!

One more victory for the bigots

First the very disheartening losses in gay rights.

Now I learn that it was also a sad night for vegetarian rights.

Now, I don’t mean to make fun of the results on Proposition 8 and related ones in other states. I am indeed pretty sad that this took place, and that we seem to be in a country where the lessons of the civil rights movement seem to be taken in a painfully narrow and non-extrapolating capacity that apply only to “discriminating because of your ethnicity is wrong, we get it” and no other meaningless way of division.

You gotta admit, that is a pretty funny screengrab right there.

This is really, really sad.

Ralph Nader: Self-absorbed, hack, useless moron. A fucking shame. And a fucking coward, check him call the Fox guy a “bully” for what? Asking him over and over if he really meant to say “Uncle Tom”? Acting pretty smug in that “oh lord, I’m getting the vapors, this is inappropriate for the childrens” way that people on the teevee seem to just have discovered as a way to discuss matters of race? Call it using loaded language or whatever, but don’t call it bullying when it’s not and then act all TV-tough (“You can cut me off if you want, but you will never take away OUR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!).

I’m really tired that people with otherwise good intentions and who hope to accomplish things that I think are very much worthwhile (read: End of two-party rule, a pure progressive/social-democrat party) rallying around this hack who does nothing but wait every four years to be asked to run for no good goddamned reason. He is just some recognizable name that people use to gain visibility for their cause, and he uses those groups to maintain his name recognition. He is not part of any grassroots political movement, and certainly not the leader.

A pretty fucking sad state of affairs for people allegedly in the left, who want to see a third party movement build up. Seriously guys, knock it the fuck off. Nader is a useless moron with an ego. You are doing it painfully wrong. At least it’s really really marginalized, but I just saw a positive review of a rally of his from before the elections in my school’s newspaper. Well-intentioned people are still getting sucked into this pointless, counterproductive, misguided stupidity. Dude’s like one of those Real World people after the season ends, begging to be put in front of every possible camera. And just as relevant.

Let me put it this way: This man still believes there would have been no meaningful differences between a Bush and Gore administrations. Now, you may think that Gore wouldn’t have been leftist/good/socialist/environmentalist/whatever enough, but to say things would be pretty much the same? Please.

So please people who want more progressive policies and options that go beyond two parties, knock it the fuck off and stop helping that self-aggrandizing useless retard.

P.S. I apologize for having back-to-back Fox News clips. The world has gone mad.

From the annals of “You have to be effing shitting me”…

No, seriously. This has gotta be just mean spirited “leaks” (read: fabricated) from people in the McCain campaign trying to save face (which it doesn’t, since it was their stupid lack of judgment that put her in that position).


Fuck Yeah!

Brian Foley beats Caesar Trunzo and helps Dems take over the NY State Senate!


Go Long Island!