Stupidest Election Analysis of the year: Part Deux: Stupidying Harder

Following Salon’s stupid lead, HuffPo provides their own share of painful idiocy.

This illustrates the main reason I cringe whenever I go to HuffPo or click a link leading there. It has this very LA-Hollywood outlook that I just can’t overcome. While I know this is not an entirely fair description, it feels to me as E! Entertainment’s Political Blog. With all the SoCal celebrity stupidity and the paparazzi mob attitude it carries with.

Seriously, what the fuck is the matter with people talking about face reading as worthy political analysis with a straight face? How are you not aware of how stupidly ridiculous you look?

If I see a post analyzing the candidate’s views about The fucking OC or the social policy implications of Desperate Housewives or similar shit, I’mma hafta choke sumbitches.

Knock it off, people with otherwise sensible views. Please.


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