Crazy Mob

Apparently early voting was extended to Sunday’s in some county(s) in North Carolina. This led a group of McCain supporters to go stand across the street from some voting place and start shouting pro-McCain and anti-Obama stuff.

I mean, sure, I’d expect somebody who supports McCain to think that Obama’s policies are misguided or whatever. That’s the reason they are voting for McCain. But it seems that the reason for being there was to protest the County’s Board of Elections, not some decision by the Obama campaign. So, why try to heckle voters? It sounds really senseless and counterproductive. If they had a bunch of signs criticizing the Board of Elections and changing against them, their message would’ve been clear: We disagree with your decision to extend early voting to Sundays.

What they ended up doing is protesting the very lawful activity of early voting. So it just ends up looking as if they’re pissed that people are voting early for Obama and that they seem to be hoping to bully people out of voting. I mean, why else go and antagonize with voters if not to try to intimidate?

I am honestly puzzled. What the hell where they hoping to accomplish? How were their actions conducive to said goal?


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