You will never guess

Who is the latest conservative to join the “In the Tank for Obama” club.


The Bush White House, that’s who. Or at least, that’s what I’m half-expecting (and very much wishing for) the McCain campaign and/or surrogates to make of the recent meetings between Robert Gates (Defense Secretary) and Condoleezza Rice (Sec. of State) with Senators John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden regarding the Iraq Security Agreement. Notice any names missing?

It appears the reason was that the aforementioned gentlemen are Senators, while Sarah Palin is a Governor. I’m taking this to mean it involved some security clearance or something?

The purpose of the meetings were “to keep them equally informed” since “one of them is going to win the election.”

Please FSM, let there be frothing-at-the-mouth posts all over NRO’s The Corner.


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