I just realized I will be unable to watch or listen to tonight’s presidential debate, as it coincides with my class’ midterm.

Somebody please pick up my share of booze for tonight’s drinking game. I hear “Ayers” is the magic word for the night.


2 Responses

  1. Nooooooo!

    Wait, this is for the class you’re teaching, yes, not one you’re taking?

    Step 1: set cell phone to silent or vibrate
    Step 2:, or (if you can’t get the intarwebz from your phone)
    Step 2a: get any number of your hippie friends to text you updates.
    Step 3: Hide a flask in your professory tweed jacket (if you don’t have one, steal one from a colleague). Pour generously into coffee.
    Step 4: Drink whenever you get a text message.
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit!

  2. Yes, I am the one dishing the pain this time MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sadly, my ghetto cell phone plan does not have internets (not without crazy charges and a shitty browser anyway), and I think txting costs me 10 cents a message or something.

    Still, I may bug some no good DFHs to let me know when something truly memorable is said via txt.

    Also, I am a man of good taste. No tweedy jackets for me. I’ll brownbag it!

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