Credit where credit is due.

To Sen. John McCain for asking the more “out there” supporters at a Rally to not speak disrispectfully of Obama, nor to go into fetal position and/or ready to start a civil war were Obama elected. Kudos as well for stopping some lady calling Obama an Arab*.

Personally, I don’t care if he did it because he doesn’t like this behavior as a matter of principle, or if it’s because he realizes having this shit happen at his rallies is not a smart political move. What’s important is that the climate of bottled up misplaced anger is defused. Whatever the reasons, thank you Senator McCain for doing the right thing. Unequivocal tip o’ the hat to you today.

Ball’s in your court, Gov. Palin.

*While the Swampland “Transcript” quotes the woman as calling Obama an “Arab Terrorist,” the terrorist part seems to not be there according to the video’s audio, as various people point out.


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