Via Ezra Klein’s earmarks post I came across this handy link to take a look at your local pork.

The 5 closest projects to me are:

  1. $100,00 To: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4927, in Centereach, New York ; For: building renovation and build out.
  2. $75,000 To: Selden/Centereach Youth Association for an after school program.
  3. $200,000 To: St. Catherine of Siena Hospital for facilities and equipment.
  4. $100,00 To: Sayville, New York American Legion Post; For: renovation and build out of a historic building.
  5. $200,00 To: Dowling College for development of curricula and a training program in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles

Now, I don’t mind arguing over whether or not these amounts could be looked at closely and see if the price tag is fair or not. One thing that I cannot say is that these are ridiculous projects like studies of bigfoot’s DNA or the Bridge to the Island from whence Russia can be seen. I can see most of these projects (number four being shaky since I have no clue what specifically it’s about) being a worthwhile thing to do by the government.

Again, I’m all for making sure we’re not inflating budgets, but I fail to see the merit in cutting earmarks as a virtue in itself.

What’s in your (local) pork?


3 Responses

  1. Wow,

    Two different appropriation bills giving the same town money for the same reason – end result $275,000 for public library renovations. Oh and the town it’s in, I thought was a well to do town.

  2. Not exactly the same reason. Take a look at it again.

    $175,000 to: Town of Holbrook, Massachusetts; For: construction, renovation and build out of a public library.
    and as a follow-up,
    $100,000 to: Holbrook Public Library for equipment and technology

    The first is for the physical construction and renovation. The second is for stuff to put in the place they construct and renovate. It makes sense to me.

    Holbrook’s… Hrm. I’d say it’s a pretty middle class town. East Bridgewater is probably more well-off than Holbrook. You sure you’re not thinking of Hingham?

    The other earmarks near us:

    $75,000 to: Easton, MA; For: construction, renovation and build out of recreational facilities.

    $75,000 to: North Plymouth, MA; For: South Shore Women’s Center, for domestic violence prevention and intervention services

    $350,000 to: Taunton, MA; For; Morton Hospital for facilities and equipment

    $550,000 to: Weymouth, MA For; South Shore Hospital for facilities and equipment

  3. $100,000 to: John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina; For: construction, expansion, renovation and build out of a multipurpose facility.

    $200,000 to: Child Care Services Association in Durham, North Carolina ; For: planning and design and construction of a child care resource center.

    $240,000 to: Lincoln Community Health Center, for facilities and equipment. (Also in Durham)

    $240,000 to: North Carolina Central University for a biomanufacturing training program, (yep, still in Durham)

    $140,000 to: Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Foundation, for a demonstration program to improve assistance to family caregivers.

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