Say what?

Ok, who slipped some drugs on Senator’s McCain breakfast before he went to the Des Moines Register interview?

MCCAIN: I just want to make a comment about the obvious issue and that is the failure of Congress to act yesterday. Its just not acceptable. […] This is just a not acceptable situation. I’m not saying this is the perfect answer. If I were dictator, which I always aspire to be, I would write it a little bit differently.

From the McCain on the economy and problems in Washington video.

I have no clue what he meant to say, if we are to believe he said “dictator” by mistake, which I guess will be the McCain campaign’s answer. After stating his desire to be made Supreme Emperor or whatever, he goes on to say what he would do with his awesome political powers. Which is to say he would write laws differently, more to his liking. Of course, being a senator, he could do just that and propose it for a vote in the senate as an alternative to the bill they’re going to be voting on today. So I don’t know why he would bring up any other legal status than the one he already has, if it was not to gain some advantage from his new position. And “dictator” pretty much fits the bill in terms of “Shit I say gets done, period.”

In short: What the fuck did you mean, John McCain?

P.S. Countdown to blaming it on GOTCHA JOURNALISM starts now!

P.P.S. This of course, does not stop the ever-running PoW countdown from going on in the back.

Via Think Progress.

UPDATE: Watching Olberman last night, he described it as a joke. I should have considered that a possibility. I very well may be listening this with a terribly biased ear, but it honestly wasn’t my initial reaction to recognize it as a joke. I guess joking about being an opressor of your own people is a step up from joking about nuking brown people. Forgive me, Senator McCain, I grew used to knowing you were joking by the akward smirk and/or chuckle that (used to) follows your jokes.


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