Oh, sweet Jupiter, make it stop!

I get as big a kick from schadenfreude as the next guy, but this is becoming too much.

You say you read all newspapers and magazines? Are you fucking kidding me? Listen, I know she doesn’t believe that. I realize she said that because she couldn’t think of names of suitable newspapers and/or magazines (say, was I in her shoes, I wouldn’t answer “Soap Digest” if I regularly read it, which I most certainly do not). What puzzles me is how she could not name a single goddamn newspaper, any fucking newspaper.

Does she a) actually never read something that is not presented to her by an aide, or b) got so paralyzed by stagefright (or whatever you choose to call it) that she can’t answer a question on the same level of difficulty as “What kinds of food do you regularly eat?” Both scenarios are similarly terrifying.

She was just a couple weeks ago on the cover of many a magazine, yet she cannot name a single one? Sure, you don’t want to sound like you only know of one. Still, it’d be perfectly acceptable to say something like “I can’t remember right now every one I read, but I do read <insert name of one newspaper> and <insert name of one magazine or newspaper> to name a couple.”

Jesus T. Christ. This is the most qualified person the Republican Party (read: McCain) could find for the office of the Vice President? Regoddamn fucking mavericky indeed!


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