Two cc’s of smelling salts, stat!

Had I been one of the men and women who had to witness such a vulgar, vicious, offensive speech, I too would have ignored the fact that I thought the bill that was about to be put up for vote was absolutely necessary to save the country’s economy, and would have voted no because, frankly, what else can you do after hearing the crass vituperations of this madwoman?

I probably would have retreated to the nearest bar and got severely inebriated as soon as I could, hoping that the brutal memories would be washed away in ethilic stupor. No doubt I would have called my mother or wife, on the verge of tears, asking for their reassurance that all will be well.

What matters is that the poor congress(wo)men get better ASAP. One can only imagine the mental distress and anguish they’re in, after hearing that evil woman’s speech.

I mean sure, putting country first is all well and nice but… did you hear what she said?

And then that insensitive ass Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) goes and makes fun of them. Can’t you see they are still shaken? Have you no honor? Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?


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