Why do I read blogs over the weekend?

Getting pissed before noon is not a good plan for a nice, relaxing, fun weekend. What happened, you ask? What foul actions did I read about that spoiled such a pleasant morning?

Well, I was made aware that the GOP bought insurance from our nationalized AIG (before it was socialist, though) against expenses brought upon by charges of police brutality during the RNC in St. Paul. This is the first time this happens (Political Parties buying insurance for city governments against this kind of lawsuit damages).

This was an idea proposed by St. Paul’s mayor (who is a Democrat). The idea behind it being that bringing an event to the city should not end up costing the Taxpayers an assload of money if police brutality lawsuits are won. Fair enough, you only want to host on event that is advantageous to you.

But why the fuck not focus on avoiding police brutality rather than making it consequence-free? What happens if there is nothing to lose from going postal on protesters? Well surprise, they show little self-restraint!

Chris Bowers puts it nicely (this is in the context of Amy Goodman calling for an investigation on Police Brutality during the RNC after hearing that the ridiculous charges against her were logically dropped):

An investigation is indeed necessary, but I am already pretty sure about what happened:

  1. In August, protesters at the 2004 RNC successfully won police brutality lawsuits against the New York City police department.
  2. So, a few days later, the Republican Party indemnified the St. Paul police for up to $10 million in the event that charges of police brutality would be brought against them.
  3. Then, at the convention, the police went out and illegally beat up $10 million worth of progressives, including progressive media. It was a free beating for them.

In short, the Republican Party paid for $10 million of thuggery against progressives […].

I would add a caveat to that last statement; the GOP paid for $10 million of thuggery, at the (knowing or unknowing) request of the Democratic Mayor. Time to export some more freedoms and civilized political behavior to the world!

Also via, Chris Bowers, this video of a Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman’s show) journalist enjoying that $10 Million insurance.

Pavement tastes like freedom.


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