From the Annals of “You have to be effing shitting me”…

Sarah Palin will not say if she thinks the VP is part of the executive branch or not.

The GOP has been arguing that she’s qualified for the job since she has executive experience unlike those neophytes McCain, Obama and Biden (who didn’t know you can see Russia from an island in Alaska) from the moment she was nominated. Now she doesn’t seem to think she’s running for executive office? Going by this Cheney definition of the VP office, nobody but Cheney has experience in activities related to this shadowy cabinet that exists without existing and gets funded without being part of any existing branch of government.

“Unlike Dick Cheney, Joe Biden won’t have to create a full employment plan for lawyers and scholars to clear up something that was unquestioned for about 200 years. The vice president is part of the executive branch, period. End of story,” said Biden spokesman David Wade.

Those unserious, elitist, powerhungry communist democrats!

I will allow that there is the slightest of possibilities that her refusal to answer is just due to her still not having been taught just what is the viceprecidency. Clearly McCain, a man of unscrutinable character, would never nominate a person this terribly unsuited for the VP job because he always puts America First and is only in this because it’s a cause greater than himself and whatever terrible bullshit he’s spewing these days. I mean, <insert PoW lame pseudo-excuse>.

This shit is nautical miles past the point of ludicrousness.


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  1. I totally agree with you on Palin’s ridiculousness, she is no where near qualified for the VP seat. I wonder who is running Alaska now while she is campaigning? Maybe her husband, or maybe someone she just happened to go to elementary school with.

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