Sarah Palin proposes funding for wheel research

Sarah Palin offers some revolutionary, never-before-tried-in-Washington ideas:

“We’re going to do a few new things also,” she said at a rally in Cedar Rapids. “For instance, as Alaska’s governor, I put the government’s checkbook online so that people can see where their money’s going. We’ll bring that kind of transparency, that responsibility, and accountability back. We’re going to bring that back to D.C.”

There’s just one problem with proposing to put the federal checkbook online – somebody’s already done it. His name is Barack Obama.

Mavericky! She is clearly well versed in National Politics. Why do people insist on keep saying that she’s not the mostest qualifiedest person ever in the history of the world to run for VP?

It appears the campaign has issued a “clarification”:

A campaign spokesperson insisted that Palin was referring not to that specific proposal, but rather to “that kind of transparency in general.”

This doesn’t make any sense. Her argument was as follows:

  1. I have done X. This shows I am for transparency.
  2. If elected, we will bring actions such as X to Washington, in order to increase transparency.

The problem is that the validity of this statement rests on the premise that Washington is in need of X. She could have used a different example of something that’s missing in Washington, of which there’s sure more than a handful of things that can be done to improve transparency and accountability. But she only gave one example, and this particular one already exists.

In other words, it’s as if Biden had said: “We will bring change to Washington, we will grant retroactive immunity to Telcos who aided the Bush Administration in illegally spying on American Citizens*.”

*Yes, it still hurts that Obama voted for it.


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