I really cannot state in strong enough terms how much I hate the phenomenon that is “internet stupidity.” The one best exemplified by the self-described /b/-tards. A bunch of bored morons with an internet connection and a sense of alienation from what makes people human that truly pisses me off.

It’s as if Borges had taken the premise of people who think “if you’re an asshole in the internet it doesn’t really count” and taken it for a spin, and looking at its logical conclusion. Except these are real, oxygen breathing retards.

Turns out that while it was not one of “them” (a terribly defined concept) who hacked into Gov. Palin’s yahoo email account, he did go to them to see what lulz they could obtain from it.

Look, I’m all for seeing Sarah Palin as away from the White House as possible (Alaska is a viable alternative), but this shit is just inexcusable. Identity theft is a pretty horrible thing, and no political disagreements can justify it. I hope there is plenty of party van good times in the future of those involved in this and any other privacy breaches such as this one.

And no, their anti-Scientology stuff is nowhear near enough to compensate for all the terrible douchebaggery that stems from /b/. Not that /b/ is any particular, well defined, group of people, anyway.

Goddamn fucking morons. Lulz.


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  1. Looks like Anonymous isn’t really so anonymous any more.

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