Why do you hate America, Barack Obama?

Why do you insist on not having agreed to debate McCain under whatever circumstances he so wished? Don’t you see what you’re causing?

See, McCain would love nothing more than run an issues-based campaign, but no. You had to be a selfish, uppity bastard. So now McCain is running disgusting push-polls in Michigan, New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvannia*. This is no doubt affecting the climate that makes substantive political discourse possible.

On top of all, you are forcing an old war hero, whose honor should never be questioned, to do the sickening dirty tricks that cost him the 2000 nomination himself. Can’t you see he really doesn’t want to do it? Why are you making him do this against his will? Can’t you see you are leaving him absolutely no recourse? Don’t you see that it’s killing him to turn into what he decried eight years ago as all that is wrong with politics? Will you stop at anything, sir?

I hope you are happy now, Obama. You alone are killing America.

*Via Swampland.


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