Brick Tamland: Secretary of Energy.

He loves lamp

I know what you’re thinking, Who would’ve thought that love for lamps is enough to get one a spot as Secretary of Energy? But keep in mind, in this reformed Mavericky no-nonsense (certainly no anti-nepotism nor anti-cronyism nonsense!) small-town-values future universe the rules are slightly different.

So, what if your old pal the real estate agent may not have the “big fat resume” to make one think she is qualified to say, be the head of the State Division of Agriculture? She said she loves cows, what more proof do you need?

There you have it, the change from an administration that, to this day, keeps suprising us with its determination to appoint unqualified people in every goddamn agency possible just because they are friends or “loyal,” no matter if they have any frakkin clue what they are doing… is to offer an administration happy to appoint friends to important positions and to demand ridiculous proofs of loyalty to a new administration?


Is it even possible to do more damage than what the Bush White House has already inflicted thanks to his stupid idea that loyalty is the only qualification for any government position? What more do people need to see to realize how disastrous this shit is (and has been)? How can politicians pull this shit and still be realistic candidates, nevermind one who presents itself as a fucking reformer and champion of virtue? Jesus T. Christ.


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  1. More importantly, why the fuck do Americans go gaga for that maverick shit? I don’t know about you, but the Marlboro man not being hot in those ads finished me off on that concept.

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