Sweet Jeebus have mercy

She’s secluded herself from the Media in order to be coached (let’s not fool ourselves about this) for her one interview with the press for close to a week. Not to mention she’s been in politics for some time. And she does not know what the “Bush Doctrine” is? Come the fuck on!

James Fallows explains clearly and nicely why this is so preoccupying in a vicepresidential candidate.

Has she been living under a rock? She’s not some random Starbucks barista, she’s a politician. And one running for a pretty important office that requires an understanding of foreign policy and world events. After days and days of being told what to say and coached in, one would assume, world affairs, she still cannot talk about the overriding guide in foreign policy in the past eight years. One that, deservedly, got so much attention because of its very clear break from previous policies and quite dangerous consequences (which we’ve all seen).

This is the person who John McCain thinks is best qualified to be the VP behind a septuagenarian candidate. Never let it be said that he doesn’t put country first.

This shit is laughable. When is the media gonna stop calling things what they are instead of turning everything into a “we may never know the truth” he-said/she-said ambiguous situation?

I need some soothing chamomile tea right about now.


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