Drill baby, drill!

Super serious energy platform! Change we can believe in! Mavericky McMaverick! USA! USA! USA!

Via Ezra Klein

Seriously, are people willfully deluding themselves for whatever reasons, or have we truly become a nation of fucking brainless morons?


One Response

  1. The sad thing is, I think most of the people shouting “Drill, baby, drill!” honest-to-god believe we’re just going to go put a big ol’ hose in the ocean, flip a switch, and have $1.00 gas again by the end of next year if we do this.

    Because that’s what McCain’s making it sound like. Never once do you hear any of the speeches mention, “Oh, yeah, by the way, we won’t actually see any oil from this for twenty years.” But it’s implied, so people believe it.

    We caught part of a program on NPR yesterday where they interviewed a mixed-race group of voters from York, PA. One of the men said something like, “No one’s ever even told me what a community organizer is.” A woman retorted, “Well, didn’t you ever think to go find out for yourself?

    I cheered for her.

    It’s not willful delusion; it’s laziness, pure and simple. People latch onto a soundbite and don’t do the work to see what’s not being said, or if it’s even true. It’s infuriating.

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