Dear media

“The tone of this whole campaign would have been very different if Senator Obama had accepted my request to appear in town hall meetings across America.” –John McCain speaking at Columbia University.

Could you please at some point ask McCain to explain the causal relation between (a)not doing town-hall style debates with him (by the way, he has agreed to this), (b)running a vicious attack campaign that consists of lies of every sort? I should probably refine this. Could you ask him to explain a causal relationship that doesn’t imply he is a disgusting toolbag?

Please, I am tired of hearing and reading that absolutely bullshitstacular argument. With nobody spending 5 seconds explaining how it makes absolutely no sense at all. I won’t hold my breath expecting you to point out that this cowardly and irresponsible behavior is in complete disagreement from his self-professed honorable character. Now, whenever there is a contradiction that means that the two conditions cannot be both true. We do have facts supporting the idea that he’s running a disgusting campaign, so there’s only one logical conclusion. But I’m not expecting that much exercising of your brain cells. Baby steps will do for now.

Please, would you keep in mind that not every statement makes sense. And when one doesn’t it should be pointed out to the person who is speaking nonsensically, particularly when the same argument is repeated all the goddamn time.


5 Responses

  1. The sad part in all of this is Obama is sexist. He hates woman. He made a huge mistake for not using Shrillary and now the repubs are going to beat the dems back to the stone age. FOOLS

  2. That is quite probably the stupidest thing I’ve read today by somebody not being paid to say stupid crap.

    Is it non-sequitur day? Did I miss the memo? Are we all supposed to give arguments where the statement and support parts are completely unrelated for the rest of the day?

  3. Damn, Torteya, where do you find these commenters?

    And how, precisely, is calling her “Shrillary” not sexist?

    (And why am I feeding the troll?)

  4. ….

    Torteya, I am offended. How dare you take a troll that was obviously meant for me!

    Good god. Even thought I disagree with Steve on almost every issue, at least he tries to make arguments.

  5. o.O

    Damn, that’s a bizzare troll.

    I want one.

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