The White House commemorates the events of 9/11/01

by taking a huge dump on it.

I expected no less. Just when you thought it inconceivable that they’d be able to sink any lower, they find a way. It’s quite sad this is the only thing they’re competent at. They are the Michael Phelpses of bullshit, the Usain Bolts of absolute disregard for the American people and their intelligence.

You can place Osama bin Laden wherever the hell you want in the 9/11 organizational chart. Fact of the matter is that he is and was the head of the group of people who perpetrated said attacks. He was the person Bush focused his rhetoric on (at first, before he completely forgot about him), and he’s been the most important target ever since. “Dead or Alive,” etc. We all remember it. They are also all of a sudden interested in capturing him (without access to McCain’s super secret strategy that he’s keeping from us until we come to our senses and vote for him, that selfish tool), surely not with the express purpose of saving the election. To now say he was just some dude, and that everyone that matters has already been apprehended, that justice has been served, is an incredibly insulting thing to tell the rest of us not living in the GWB alternate universe.

Choke on a pretzel, asshole.


2 Responses

  1. …dear god. I think we should all send Perino and her crew 1984. Seriously. We would have to write a cliff notes for it too, since those lying dirt merchants think its a goddamn blueprint.

  2. […] gave up on this administration.  I can see now that they have given up on the truth.  Thanks to Torteya and Think Progress for making me just that much […]

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