Quantum Mechanics is a hoax*!

This is the corollary of a proposition made by many within the media. You would think that after close to a century, these very simple ideas would have been assimilated.

Allow me to elucidate.

The very fact that you are observing the world (nevermind divulging your findings or commenting on them) is an action that has an effect on the world you are observing. You are not invisible, immaterial, non-interacting entities (bound state made up of journalon baryons), who are not changing reality by your decisions in what you report about and how you make this findings public.

One would think that trivial shit being reported endlessly, and painfully stupid narratives arising would be clearly understood as an effect whose cause are actions undertaken by the press. Somehow they think their actions aren’t coupled to the real world.

Alternatively, and with a much higher regard for brevity than I: Tom Tomorrow dishes the snarky outrage.

*Yes, I know that the observer effect does not require quantum mechanics to be true, but it was quantum mechanics (a theory that is indeed needed to describe the way the universe works) that greatly popularized the concept. So shut up, hippy!


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