Maybe we should export freedom of speech to the world too

Oh man, remember when everybody was up in arms because China, that despot nation, was not happy about dissent showing during an event that lots of people were gonna be watching? And how there was widespread abuse of police force and harassment of protestors?* Good times.

Luckily here in the land of the free, home of the brave, supression of dissent via ridiculously exagerated police tactics and protester harassment would never happen. We are so civilized and shit. (Do check the videos on the first link)

Of course, were such an inadmissible event to happen, the national media would be all over this most outrageous situation.

*Now, of course, what can happen to an arrested protester in China is on an entirely different league to what can happen to an arrested protester here. That is most definitely true, and it’d be ridiculous to equate protester treatment in China and the US. We are lucky to have laws that limit what police can do against protesters.

With that said, this does not make it any less true that the motives are the same, and the exagerated police force is doing all they legally can on both countries. They are acting in the exact same way, we just have one on a straitjacket. Their intentions and lack of restraint are as despicable, if their end results are not quite so.

Last week there were stories non-effin-stop about PUMAs and dissatisfied Hillary supporters. Reporters were going out of their way to find them. Now we have thousands of people, marching along main streets, and where’s all the reporters? I get that it’s more interesting to them to cover inter-party fist fights (even if only a few people are involved and don’t represent the event nor the group of people participating in the event) than to cover protestors subjected to undue police force. But their job is not to report the stories that give them a washington-boner. Their job is to report what’s actually going on, to give people the big picture. Sure, a small-scale fight is part of it. But I’d expect that events going on day after day where thousands of people are involved, and allegations of police abuse are made, would be an even bigger part of the picture.

EDIT- Rereading this I think I may have come across as thinking what’s happened at DNC/RNC protests and what happens with political dissent in China is “about the same.” I do not believe this, and I probably wasn’t clear enough. As bad as I think is to shout “Anybody on this bridge will be under arrest” to a crowd of peaceful protestors, it’s -nothing- compared to arresting a person who dared apply for a legal permit for protesting. Not to mention keeping her “dissapeared” for a while.

But! If one is protesting China’s ridiculous actions not only for their gravity but for the principle (as every good american politician is required by divine law to protect them freedoms), then those very principles, while in effect being comparatively rather constrained, are still undoubtedly present in the ridiculous abuse of force being showcased against peaceful protesters at political conventions here. If they want to criticize China not for fighting dissent but for going a bit overboard while doing it, that’s their prerogative. If they chose to accuse them for acting against freedom of speech and assembly, then they better also accuse those who do the same here.


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