LOL Community Organizers!!!!11!1

I gotta say what I found most shocking last night was to hear Giuliani and Palin mock Obama’s past as a community organizer. But you know, these are really screwed up human beings, appalling yet not entirely shocking. It was only when the crowds excitedly joined in mocking that silly black man who was clearly just killing time roaming the streets of Chicago and not doing anything worthwhile.

Really, GOP? You are collectively mocking the decision of a man to work with churches to help people recover from losing their jobs? They really are laughing at people who go and help their communities. This is after all, the party that thinks social service could be better done by church charities.

Joe Klein received an email from people in the group that Obama worked for. Interesting post.

Dday at Digby’s also has a post on this issue.

No, really. How can this party dare brand anybody as “elitist”? They are ridiculing people everywhere who do uninterested, not-for-political-power honest work trying to help those in need in their communities. Unbelieveable. Shameful.

I hope this clip from CNN gets lots of air play. This sneering attitude by the entire convention, instigated by Giuliani and Palin is really shocking.

Ezra Klein too has an interesting take. While they did insult community organizers in general, this was too clearly a dog whistle. By painting the image of a black man working as community organizer in a poor, black Chicago area, it’s not hard to think they were trying to go for “scary activist entitles Malcolm-X type rabble rouser.”


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