Curse you, Jon Stewart!

For being so hilarious. I’d embed the video here, but silly WordPress thinks anything not youtube nor googlevideo is trying to mess with your computer, so here’s the link.

It shows:

  • Rove saying Palin is well qualified Vs Rove saying Gov. Tim Kayne is not qualified because he’s only been a governor for three months (one more than Palin, of a state with a far larger population, Virginia), and mayor of a “small town” (Richmond, population in the hundred thousands, one order of magnitude higher than Wasila). Lulz ensue.
  • O’Reilly saying people should back off and leave the Palin family alone in this personal matter Vs O’Reilly going on and on about how the Spears mom (whose teenage daughter got pregnant) is the main person responsible for her daughter’s disgraceful situation and a “pinhead.” Lulz ensue.
  • Dick Morris calling the criticism of Palin “deep sexism” Vs Dick Morris saying Hillary is just whining about the criticism on her and mocking her. Jon Stewart put things in perspective: “In Dick’s Morris’ defense, he -is- a lying sack of shit.”
  • Nancy Pfotenhauer (McCain’s Senior Policy Advisor) saying Hillary playing the victim will backfire Vs Nancy Pfotenhauer complaining about the unfairness in the criticisim of Palin. Bonus clip: Sarah Palin saying women shouldn’t complain about perceived sexism, but should just fight harder. Lulz ensue.

Kinda sad it is so easy to lift the bullshit veil from Republican talkinghead lies.


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