John McCain looks into Sarah Palin’s soul

…and he sees all he needs to know to be sure she’s the right person to be his running mate, his soulmate. That’s how the entire vetting process went.

What we hadn’t heard was Sarah Palin’s response: “My soul is up here, John,” is what she said as she pointed to her eyes.

I know this means shit and it’s empty fun-making and not an actual critique of anything McCain or Palin did (save for the “soulmate” comment, that shit’s ridiculous and worthy of mockery). But I can’t help it, the clip is pretty funny. Kinda reminded me of this.


2 Responses

  1. He did the boob glare AND The Creepy Old Man Ring Twirl. Until that video, McCain didn’t give me a creepy old man vibe….now he does.

  2. Last night when he came out onstage after her speech, McCain kept putting an arm around her waist. Then Palin’d step away, almost like, “Okay, no more touching, John.” I don’t like her, but I have to say I kind of felt for her in that moment. You won’t see the male candidates being all touchy-feely with one another to that degree (without cries of OH NOES TEH GHEY), and doing that to her repeatedly undermines the strong-woman image they’re trying to reinforce.

    Whether McCain was doing it consciously or unconsciously, it struck me as patronizing, and I think Palin was aware of how it could be perceived. So, good for her for stepping away. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone else noticed that.

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