Sticking it to The Man

While McCain is out of town singlehandedly keeping New Orleans safe (for, clearly no city can withstand nature’s attacks solely on FEMA and state support, not even the President’s; it needs a Senator who has absolutely nothing to do there), the RNC is still going on, albeit at half steam.

One thing that isn’t being scaled down is police forces and their ridiculous overaggressive, unwarranted use of force against citizens expressing their voices. Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now was arrested during an anti-war protest with IVAW (Iraq Vets Against War), while she tried to have the police release two of her producers. She was released later during the day. Of course this makes her wholly unlawful arrest alright.

Oh, and tear gas was used against groups of people that included children. We all know there’s nothing that says “imminent security threat to the state” like full families. I believe the necessity of spraying photographers from short range is self-explanatory as well. I mean, what the hell do people think? They can just, gather together to express their loathing of certain government actions and expect the government to not arrest them and spray them and gas them? Those crazed entitled hippies surely have smoked way too much weed if they believe so!

Seriously, fuck The Man.

You may want to check the Minnesoty Independant for their reporting of the RNC (abuse of police force included). Maybe even send an e-message to Mayor Coleman to let him know how you feel about this?


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