I sense a coup in the GOP, and revolution.

No seriously, I mean it!

What else is one to make of the constant assertion (“It’s not a talking point, it’s a fact!”) that Sarah Palin is better qualified than Obama and Biden combined because she has more executive experience?

Isn’t it a necessary corollary then, that she is too better qualified than John McCain? Were the primaries just a ruse to have McCain be overrun in a convention-coup by Palinists? (Sounds too close to Stalinists, if you ask me)

Not only this, but by the same argument -any- person with even the tiniest bit of executive experience of any sort, no matter how many people you had working under you (Elementary School Principal, McDonald’s store manager, etc) are as qualified as needs be for the White House. Are they starting to fan the flames of proletariat power? Are they hinting at mass revolts, social upheaval and the absolute destruction of the status quo (What exactly do they mean by “reformer”?) in favor of a society ruled by ordinary citizens?

You may call me crazy now, but I think history will vindicate me. Mark my words.


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