I am no longer sure I’ll vote Obama-Biden.

I mean, how can I not vote for Tigh-Roslin*?

Something tells me that there might be a bombshell revelation about this otherwise sure to win ticket. For the record, I find detestable the way people are trivializing Colonel Tigh’s brave service, specially during his time at the New Caprica Hilton. THE MAN LOST AN EYE, OKAY!? WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT, HIPPIES?

*Via Swampland.


4 Responses

  1. Personally, I’d back an Adama/Thrace ticket.

  2. You know, my heart stopped for half a second until the image loaded.

    I think I have the perfect compromise for your tickets: Roslin/Thrace.

  3. Roslin/Thrace is totally the Unity 08 ticket!

    I can’t wait for the first Presidential slumber party CSPAN feed.

  4. I’d be done for Roslin/Thrace

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