Having your cake and choosing to eat it too

As  has already been pointed out by many (such as Ann Friedman), there’s something horribly incoherent and insulting about the statement from the McCain campaign saying that Bristol Palin* made the decision herself, with no coercion at all to keep her baby.

So, on one hand they are washing their hands in the issue. Saying that they are totally not meddling with very important life decisions of somebody else, pretty good right?


I mean, these are people who believe that, unless the mother’s life is at imminent risk, abortions should be illegal. Why do they think it’s a good thing that Bristol chose to have the baby? They have spent their whole political careers telling everyone that pregnant women do not get to make that call. Why is it suddenly so important to reassure America that this girl made use of this demonic choice, the bane of American culture?

Why does McCain (I have not seen any statements from Sarah Palin making the same case that it is Bristol’s decision to keep the baby) feel like he has to say she consciously decided not to have an abortion? He doesn’t think this is something that requires any kind of consideration.

Why isn’t the religious right crucifying McCain for giving credence to the dirty fucking hippy notion that the decision to have or not to have a baby is one that should only be made by the pregnant woman? McCain basically implied it’d be wrong if Bristol had been coerced to keep the baby. Which is diametrically opposed to what his platform on abortion is.

So, religious right? I ask you:

Where is the outrage?

*I really, really hope that this poor girl doesn’t get the Clinton treatment. Just like with the Massachusetts girls, having a teen pregnancy is a stressful enough situation. The last thing she needs is a goddamn pointless media circus around her**.

**This does not mean that one should refrain from pointing out insulting pandering contradictions involved in politician’s bullshit responses about the issue. Pointing out how McCain is being a goddamn smug pandering asshole is fair. Commenting on the girl, stupid pop-psych shit about what she’s going through or what this means in regards to her or her family’s morality is not cool.

EDIT- I have been misspelling Palin’s last name (double L). I blame Xenu.


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  1. Abstinence only education worked for Bristol. Just ask her Unborn American Citizen.

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